Silk Express™


    Silk Express™ Protein 1L is an outstanding Super Fast Brazilian Smoothing Protein / Keratin, perfect if are look for a top quality and Super Fast Brazilian Smoothing Treatment.

    Silk Express™ is a Worldwide Keratin Brand, known for it's high-quality, guaranteed results and for the Lowet Pause Time in the Protein / Keratin Market. Some characteristics of this product includes:

    • Made with Exclusive Vitamin Enriched Blend NanoFast™
    • Developed with State-of-Art Technology Application & Activation
    • Reduces Pause Time from 40 to 50 minutes to 10 to 15 minutes only.
    • Oustanding Smoothing and Straightening Effects
    • ZERO Formaldehyde or Any Harmful Chemicals
    • Trusted in More Than 35 Countries

    Silk Express™ combines the best available technology on the cosmetics market with Brazilian organic components to achieve top quality results:

    • Easy and Super Fast One-Step Treatment
    • Smooth Application for All Kinds of Hairs
    • High Performance Treatment
    • Made with Organic Acids and Oils
    • Available for Top-Quality Beauty Salons and Professionals

    Silk Express™ is Made with Exclusive Vitamin Enriched Blend NanoFast™ reducing the Pause Time from 40 to 50 minutes to 10 to 15 minutes only.

    • Faster Hair Smoothing Treatment Available
    • More Treatments = More Profit = More Happy Customers
    • Advanced Appliction and Activation Technology
    • Capillary Regeneration for Natural Smoothness
    • Volume Reduction and Alignment

      How to Use Silk Express™ Step-by-Step Guide 

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    1 product