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Join Our Reseller Program, Grow Together

Expand Your Business by Reselling Premium Products and Promoting Events. Be the Vitta Gold in Your City.

Join Our Resellers Team

Be Our Authorized Local Representant

Unleash the success in hair beauty industry as our local representative, embodying Vitta Gold Cosmetics in your region. Command sales, support salons, host trainings, and lead the local operation. Educate, inspire, and ignite sales and growth with our high-performance cosmetics, online courses, captivating events and online sales structure.

Let's boost your beauty industry career, together.

Your Benefits As Representant

Premium Products for Exclusive Prices

Unlock Profitability and Value with High-Performance Cosmetics

Gain access to our premium hair care products at wholesale prices. Maximize profitability and offer exceptional value to salons with our high-quality formulas. Elevate your business and establish yourself as a trusted, authorized supplier.

Your Official Local Social Media

Exclusive @vittagold Channel for Your Region

Unlock your social media potential with an exclusive @vittagold channel. Professionally crafted content, engage with your audience, contact leads, and establish yourself as an official reseller. Drive sales and get leads with our content support.

We Run Local Ads For You

Amplify Your Reach via Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads & Boost Sales

Benefit from our geotargeted ads that drive sales opportunities directly for you. Our ads ensures your local operation reaches the right audience, generating leads and new customers. Let our expert marketing team amplify your visibility and drive awareness for your business.

Your Official Local Landing Page

Drive Leads, Promote Success at

Drive targeted traffic, generate leads, and showcase your expertise in your official Vitta Gold website. Promote exclusive offers, share success stories, and establish a strong online presence. Maximize your business potential and solidify your role as an official Vitta Gold partner in your city

Secure Your Exclusive Clientele

Your Exclusive Customer Acquisition & Retention

As a reseller, you gain exclusive access to customers that you open in your territory. When you open a new customer account, we ensure their loyalty and exclusivity. Build long-term relationships, maximize sales, and establish a strong market presence. Report your sales and get exclusivity.

Roteirization and Local Lead List

Effortless Sales Route Planning

Our advanced lead generation system identifies potential customers in your region. Our intuitive roteirization system helps you optimize your sales visits, making it easy to navigate your designated territory and maximize your productivity.

Resell High-Demand Online Courses

Monetize Our Expertise with Online Training Sales

Promote and resell our exclusive online courses using a custom referral link. Earn commissions and gain valuable customer insights while establishing yourself as an authority in professional education. Shape the future of online learning in the hair beauty industry.

Profit from Online Store Sales

Sell Directly from Vitta Gold E-commerce for Lucrative Commissions

Gain direct access to our online store as a reseller. Sell premium products, earn generous commissions. Share your custom link and discount codes. Boost authority, maximize profits. Benefit from our global established e-commerce platform.

Be Our Cerfiied Educator

Present yourself as an Expert and Authority in Professional Cosmetics

As an Authorized Reseller, you have access to our online Academy and Certification, which grants you the authority of an Expert in Professional Cosmetics, being able to host courses and events for local hairstylists.

Your Duties As Representant

Field Sales and Active Engagement

Building Relationships, Driving Sales

As a reseller, your primary responsibility is field sales, where you engage with hair salons and professionals on the streets of your region. Through daily visits, you'll actively promote our premium products, deliver samples, and establish strong relationships.

Organize & Promote Local Events

Empower and Educate through Local Events

Take chargein organizing local events tailored for hairstylists. From finding venues to prospecting participants, your role is to promote and create buzz around these educational events. Highlighting advanced hair straightening techniques, these events position you as an influential figure in the industry.

Provide Dedicated Customer Support

Personalized Service for Salons and Hairstylists

As our reseller, you play a crucial role in providing exceptional customer service to hair salons and hairstylists in your area. You become their go-to contact for any inquiries, product recommendations, and support they may need. Be the trusted partner that hairstylists rely.

Promote & Prospect Online

Amplify Your Online Presence

Your role extends beyond in-person interactions, as you become an ambassador of our products and services in the digital realm. Promote your custom links to our e-commerce, online courses, and events on various platforms. Engage with local hair salons and hairstylists through Facebook groups, prospect Instagram pages, and other online communities.

Being a reseller for Vitta Gold Cosmetics has been a turning point. The exclusive customer program and training opportunities have boosted my career. This program is an incredible opportunity.

Sarah H.

Vitta Gold Cosmetics has transformed my business. The wholesale prices and premium products have given me a competitive edge. The support and marketing materials are outstanding. This program is a game-changer

Lena O.

Thanks to Vitta Gold Cosmetics, my online presence has soared. The custom social media pages and targeted ads have brought me new customers. This program has taken my business to new heights

Benjamin Diaz

I can't express how grateful I am to be a part of Vitta Gold Cosmetics' reseller program. The customer exclusivity feature has given me a competitive advantage in my region. I'm growing the profit every month.

Manpreet D.

itta Gold Cosmetics has not only provided me with premium products at wholesale prices but also given me the tools to establish myself as an expert in the industry. The support, marketing materials, and dedicated customer service have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this reseller program

Leila C.

How can I start?

Sign up for the program and follow the step-by-step

At the core of our business and purpose are three key pillars that form the foundation of everything we do. These pillars—Our Products, Our Knowledge, and Our People—sustain our commitment to excellence and enable us to deliver exceptional value to our customers and partners.

Ready to sky-rocket your beauty career? Fill the form and our team will contact you.

Reseller Program FAQs

How can I become a reseller for Vitta Gold Cosmetics?

To become a reseller, simply fill out our online application form on this page. Our team will review your application and get in touch with you regarding the next steps.

What are the requirements to join the reseller program?

We welcome hairstylists, beauty professionals, cosmetics resellers, beauty influencers who are passionate about our products and committed to promoting them in their local region. You should have a valid business license and the ability to visit hair salons and professionals for sales and promotion.

How much commission can I earn as a reseller?

The commission structure varies based on the products and services you promote. We offer generous commission rates for product sales, online course referrals, and more. Details about the commission structure will be provided to you upon joining the program.

Will I receive training and support as a reseller?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training materials and ongoing support to our resellers. You will have access to product training, marketing resources, and dedicated support from our team. We are committed to helping you succeed in your reselling journey.

Can I have exclusive rights to sell Vitta Gold Cosmetics in my region?

We offer market exclusivity to our resellers for their customer base. When you open a new customer account and report it to us, we ensure that you have exclusivity in selling to that customer. This means they will only purchase products from you, or from your affiliate links, granting you customer exclusivity for those specific customers.

Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement for resellers?

Yes, we have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for resellers. The specific MOQ will depend on the products you wish to order, and your region. Our team will provide you with the details of the MOQ requirements during the onboarding process.

Is there a contract involved in the reseller program?

Yes, we have a contract for our resellers that outlines the terms and conditions of the program. The contract ensures a clear understanding of the rights, responsibilities, and benefits for both parties involved. It provides a framework for a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.

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