Babosa Liss Aloe Vera™

Babosa Liss™ Aloe Vera Kit is a complete Hair Smoothing set, containing everything you need to apply a top-quality Brazilian Smoothing Treatment. 

Some characteristics of this collection includes:

  • Developed with State-of-Art Technology Application
  • Oustanding Smoothing and Straightening Effects
  • Made with Aloe Vera (Babosa), from Brazil
  • ZERO Formaldehyde or Any Harmful Chemicals
  • Trusted in More Than 40 Countries 

Babosa Liss™ has Aloe Vera (known as Babosa in Brazil) within its composition, known as a component that is innovating hair care and hair treatments for a long time. Some of the outstanding benefits are:

  • Keeps your Hair Hydrated and Moisturised
  • Strengthens and Repairs Hair Strands
  • Prevents Hair Fall and Loss
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Deep Cleans Oily Hair

8 products

8 products