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Nanoplex Arginina Smoothing Keratin Protein Kit-Keratin Treatment-Vitta Gold
Nanoplex Arginina Smoothing Keratin Protein Kit

Nanoplex Arginina Smoothing Keratin Protein Kit


The Full Nanoplex Arginina Kit® contains:

1 Keratin Protein 1L, 1 Shampoo 500ml, 1 Conditioner 500ml, 1 Mask 500g, 1 Serum. 

Product Description:

Nanoplex Arginina is a Keratin World Leader Treatment (40+ Countries) to Hair Straightening & Smoothing. 

Our treatment allies nanotechnology and organic components (L-Arginine amino acid) to improve the strengthening and regeneration effects, penetrating the hair without any risk of damage. Also, Nanoplex Arginina is Formaldehyde Free, with 0% of it  (or any other harmful chemical) in its composition.  

Our quick and uncomplicated One-Step Application allows you to apply the protein yourself and feel the complete Beauty Salon Experience in terms of efficiency and agility, even in the comfort of your home.

Nanoplex is a 100% Made in Brazil world-leading straightening & smoothing natural cosmetic, trusted by customers in over 40 countries, reaching incredible marks in customer satisfaction levels.

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Check the reviews, the video and all the instructions on this page to more information about our Nanoplex Arginine Keratin Treatment Kit. Try it yourself and leave a review too!



Nanoplex Arginina ® has a powerful and unique differential - the nanotechnological application of the amino acid L-Arginine in capillary molecules, bringing incredible benefits to the health of your hair. 

 L-Arginine is an amino acid with powerful effects on hair, like boosting hair growth and preventing hair loss, providing protection against bleach and color damage, stimulating hair follicles and supporting straightening hair treatments.

Our Nanoplex Arginina Keratin Hair Treatment combine the power of this natural and powerful amino acid with state-of-arte nanotechnology application, resulting on a complete treatment, with incredible benefits to your hair for months.




^ Check out the product video, showing how easy and fast is our one-step application, and showing how incredible results you can get in just one application.


We make it possible to you to apply a professional-based product (and with professional results) with an easy, quick one-step home application, meaning that you can feel the complete "Beauty Salon Experience", even at the comfort of your home. 

The liter of protein yields approximately 8 to 10 applications, varying according to the size and type of hair. The results of each application lasts for approximately 3 months, meaning that you'll have a long time to enjoy your beautiful straight, smooth and healthy hair.


We simply love the diversity of women beauty. This possibility of being beautiful and remarkable in several different ways is something that we deeply admire.

That's why this product is made for every kind of women - it's application is safe to any kind or color of hair and it's results continue to impress the widest possible range of women.

Celebrate your beauty. Celebrate diversity.




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We are approved by several organizations that guarantee the high-quality of our products, our components, our production and manufacturing capacity, like Food and Drugs Administration Agency, Good Manufacturing Pratice certified and the ISO 9001.

Also, we are recognized members of high-level organizations that ensure our international trustability, like the American Chamber of Commerce, the Internationalization Brazilian Forum, Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX), ArabBrazilian Chamber of Commerce and Brazil Global Marketing.

Being certified and recognized by this several quality control companies, we are proud to offer you all this international experience and trust, providing the most positive experience.


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Nanoplex Shampoo 500ml-Shampoo-Vitta Gold



This amino acid recently became a trend because of its health benefits effects. It's attracting increasing attention as a remedy for hair loss, and also as a follicle-stimulator and as a protection protein for the hair's natural color.   Recently, a few top cosmetics brands are investing in adding L-Arginine in the composition of some of their beauty products. Check out more info about this powerful amino acid.


Where do your products come from?

All our branded products are manufactured in Brazil., with real organic components and state-of-art manufacturing technology,  being recognized by entities responsible for regulating the quality of manufacture and distribution of cosmetic products.

We are proud to have our own factory to develop new products and formulas, taking the brazilian fauna wonders to all around the world. 

About our suppliers, we only purchase materials from socially responsible suppliers with ethical manufacturing practices, with companies that share our values ​​and quality requirements.

Can I apply at home?

Our products are focused on professional application, but if you follow the step-by-step instructions, there is no risk for you to do at home., like many of our customers.

Can I use your products on my professional beauty salon?

Our products are focused on professional use. Many beauty salons around the world work with Vitta Gold's products, and we are being recognized as a brand that increases customer loyalty and recurrence, and a rentable business partner as well. If you work at or own a professional beauty salon, we can start a partnership providing special prices and conditions. Please, contact us to further information, it will be a pleasure to work with you.

Is it safe for children and pregnant women?

Our products are all Formaldehyde-free and safe. Even though we recommend you to consult your trusted doctor and test in one small portion of the hair before full application.

What materials do I need to apply the keratin treatments?

We recommend to use a bowl to dump the product (proteins), a brush for applying and a hair dryer. You will also need to wash the hair during the procedure.

How can I sell Vitta Gold products at my city / work with Vitta Gold products?

Actually, in many ways. 1) You can apply to our Ambassadorship Program and become an exclusive agent in your city, working with physical products and/or with a customized link to share with your friends and followers, recommending our products and benefiting from a generous sales commission (an awesome option for micro-influencers). 2) You can apply to become a Certified Distributor, gaining access to special prices and conditions in in larger quantities purchases. 3) Also, if you work at or own a professional beauty salon, we can start a partnership providing special prices and conditions as well. Please, contact us to further information, it will be a pleasure to work with you.